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Shop With A Cop


To Whom It May Concern:


Last year the Sherburn/Welcome Police Department started the “Shop With a Cop” Program. The program was very successful and helpful in our communities. Shop With A Cop is a program that gives local children & families a better, brighter, Holiday seasion.

With the help of the communities, will be sponsoring Shop with a Cop program again this year in which Sherburn/Welcome Police officers share Christmas with children and families in the Martin County West School District who are in need.

Officers and kids will spend time together, one on one, in an unforgettable holiday shopping experience. This is one way the Sherburn/Welcome Police officers make a positive contribution to the community.

We would like to ask you for help in this task. If you know of some children who could benefit from the Shop with a Cop Program, please let us know who they are with a description of their situation. We are looking for children who meet the following criteria:

  • The child must be in kindergarten through sixth grade,
  • The child must have a social or economic need,
  • The child must reside within the Martin County West School District.

The number of children we will be able to help will be limited only by the amount of donations we receive. We have set a goal of $50.00 per child. The Sherburn/Welcome Police Department will handle all funds obtained for the program. Each child chosen will be shopping with Officers from the Department at a store in the local area. After the shopping, I would like to bring the kids back to the Police station (Sherburn) to wrap the presents and to have dinner (Pizza).

The Sherburn/Welcome Police Department will be responsible for shaving the list down to the necessary number. We hope that all children nominated will be able to participate, but we know this will probably not be possible. We would like you to write about the child that you nominate, explaining some of the reasoning you used in making your decision to nominate that particular child.

If you would like to donate to The Shop with a Cop Program, please send your contribution to:

Sherburn/Welcome Police Department
Attn: Officer Nicholas Smith
21 E 1st St.
Sherburn, MN 56171

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at:
Cell (952) 292-5898

I would like to have all donations for the program turned into the Police Department by November 30th, 2018, so that we are able to select how many families will be chosen.

Friday, December 21 will be our tentative shopping date.

Thank you for all your help and support!

Officer Nicholas Smith #2207
And the members of the Sherburn/Welcome Police Department