Welcome to the City of Sherburn

Property Tax Breakdown Letter

In existence for over 135 years, Sherburn prides itself on the quality of life it offers it's residence and the welcoming environment it poses for those visiting or just passing through.

With a population of 1137, Sherburn is located in southern Minnesota at the junction of Interstate 90 and State Highway 4, just south of Fox Lake.  We are within 20 miles of the following larger communities: Fairmont, Jackson, St. James, and Estherville, Iowa.  We are a Plan A Statutory City, and have been a municipal corporation since 1879.  The rich farm country has many recreational activities to enjoy year round.  Please, come explore this site and our community.
Sherburn is a desirable location for families with members who work in more than one of the surrounding cities.  We offer short drive times, affordable housing, and a high quality of life.


City Clean-up Day

The City of Sherburn will once again be hosting a garbage collection day on May 11th starting at 8:00 a.m. by the water tower for our citizens.  We will also be hosting a curbside pick up for those residents that would like to pay a $20.00 fee to have their garbage picked up.  The size of your garbage pile can be 5 foot wide, 10 foot long, and 4 foot tall.  If you have more garbage than the size allowed you would need to purchase an additional ticket.  Your non-refundable payment will be accepted at City Hall from Friday, April 26 until 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 9th.  You can also pick up a list of acceptable and non acceptable items.  This year we are going to allow you to set your items that you feel someone else could use or repurpose on your curb from May 4th until  May 11th. If you have items that can't be reused or repurposed please do not put them on curb until Wednesday, May 8th.   If your items are not taken by anyone, you will need to remove them from your curb, by May 12th or be at risk of an ordinance violation.

Tree Trimming

The City is will be driving around town and noting trees that need to be trimmed back that are hanging over the roadway. Many tree limbs are reaching far out in the street and this causes issues for the maintenance equipment such as the street sweeper and the snow plow. We are asking property owners to trim back branches that are hanging too low for equipment to move underneath. If you cannot trim them back, the City will trim them in order to clear the right of way and reduce the risk of damage to city equipment. Thank you.