Advertising Subsidy Program

The long-term goal of the Sherburn EDA is to assist new or existing businesses of all types financially.  The goals of the advertising subsidy are as follows:

Goal 1:  To encourage new business or new business ownership that will encourage employment opportunities for the citizens of the Sherburn area as well as enhance the tax base of the community.

Goal 2:   Maintain an active economic development program designed to capitalize on the Sherburn Area’s assets and overcome deficiencies to build a strong, diverse economy.

Goal 3:  Maintain a high quality of life to keep our area a pleasant place to live, work and raise a family.

Advertising Policy

The following are established as standards for the advertising subsidy program.  Each application will be reviewed as an individual transaction.

Eligibility:  Eligibility of a business to receive money from the EDA for the purpose of subsidizing advertising costs shall be determined by the EDA using the following criteria:

1. The business shall be a for profit business of any legal type.

2. The business shall be a new business or have new ownership and apply to the EDA for subsidy before or shortly after opening.

3. The business shall not directly compete with existing businesses in such a manner as to unreasonably impair the ability of the existing business to continue its operation.

4. The business shall be a full-time commitment of the person requesting the subsidy.