Welcome to Sherburn!park_web

This information is provided to give you a brief update on services and regulations within the City of Sherburn.

The City of Sherburn has been awarded a designation as Minnesota Green Step Cities.   Sherburn currently has a achieved a Step 2 recognition.  For more information, please see


The City of Sherburn shares a brush site with the City of Welcome. The site allows yard and garden vegetation, brush and branches. The site is open April – October; admittance is by tag only. Tags are available, free of charge, at City Hall.

Building Applications 

Building applications are necessary for all construction and remodeling in the City. Sherburn has adopted the State Building Code. Applications are available at City Hall, 21 E. First Street.

Cable Television/Internet Service

Citywide Cleanup

The City provides a spring appliance pick-up and a spring junk collection day. The appliance collection requires the owner to register at City Hall and pay a fee.  Announcements are made in the newspaper and on the water billings before each of these dates.


Dogs must be licensed in Sherburn. The fee is $5.00 per year. Licenses are obtained at City Hall.

Electric Utility 

Federated Rural Electric Cooperative is the electric provider. Call 1-800-321-3520 or go to

Gas Utility

Minnesota Energy Resources is the gas provider.  Call 1-800-889-9508.  Emergency Service Call 1-800-889-4970.


Place all recycling items in the yellow barrel or green bin and place the barrel beside your garbage each week.


Refuse is picked up by Waste Management every Wednesday morning as early as 7:00 a.m. Weekly pick-up is arranged through Waste Management at 800-833-9596. Billing is on a quarterly basis and rates are based on the number of bags your household generates. Additional bag tags are available for purchase at Amborn Lumber.

Noise Ordinance

Loud disruptive noise within the city limits is prohibited.


Fence, Sign, Home Business, Building, Demolition, Plumbing, and Mechanical Permits are required in the City of Sherburn. All regulations and the permits are available at City Hall. The permits are approved by the City Council and are free of charge.


It is unlawful for any person without a city license to go door-to-door attempting to sell goods. Please contact the Sherburn/Welcome Police Department if a solicitor comes to your home without a license.

Water & Sewer 

Contact City Hall 764-4491 to activate your water and sewer service. The billing is monthly and meter reading begins the third Monday of each month. Auto pay is available by calling City Hall to make the arrangements.

Weeds Ordinance 

No parcel of land shall have noxious weeds or grass greater than a height of six inches.