Civic and Commerce Club

Who We Are

The Sherburn Civic and Commerce is a non-profit organization that implements fundraisers for our West Martin County communities. The C & C is not only for merchants, but also for individuals and organization with an interest in promoting our communities, schools, churches, neighborhoods, and local businesses. The following are a few items the C & C has organized and/or supported this past and present year.

  • MCW Senior Honors Banquet
  • MCW Post Prom Party
  • Tacos in the Pocket Park
  • Bulk rate mailing permit for all members
  • Soup/Sandwich White Elephant Auction
  • Stay Home/Shop Sherburn Holiday Promotion
  • Santa’s Workshop

How to become involved

The Sherburn Civic and Commerce Club meets the second Monday of every month at Temperance Lake Ridge.  We invite you to join us by attending a meeting or by contacting one of our officers.
– Business membership dues are $40 per year.
– Individual membership dues are $25 per year.
– If you have never been a member before the first year of membership is free.


President: Laura Ringnell
Vice President: Cindy Ford
Secretary/Treasurer: Carlee Hunter